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Krüger Creative 

Krüger Creative inspires wonder, appreciation, and connection with Earth’s wildest and most remote places through creative expression. Our goal is to use art to awaken the innate ability of humans to connect with nature at a visceral level.


Our Mission

Krüger Creative is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to potentiating creativity and environmental stewardship through artist-in-residence programs aboard SV Raven, a 64 ft steel Expedition Cutter in high-latitudes and remote areas. Our function is to navigate the farthest extremities of planet earth and the human experience, while providing a platform for artists to find inspiration, create, and collaborate with other creators. The result will be multiple forms of creative expression, purpose-built for wide consumption and appreciation. Our intention is to raise awareness of the unique challenges and beauty of remote regions of the globe.

About Us

Founder Karl Krüger has spent his life exploring, researching, and guiding in remote wilderness areas. The arc of his life began with a massive load of generational trauma and educational, yet horrific personal childhood experiences. It was clear from the beginning there was no place for him in modern life, and he turned to wilderness experiences for solace, healing, and later, a livelihood.


His love for projects in wild places has always been motivated by the personal growth and spiritual deepening each project engenders. Over time, his spirituality braided together with the cosmology his science background afforded him. Even a cursory look at global conservation and climate policy shows a need for a different approach. Science is not enough. 

Over the years, it became evident Karl has one foot in two very different worlds. One is the natural world,  3.7 billion years old. The other: modern human life dating less than 2000 years. The modern human world is in its infancy. Karl’s abilities on water, and in wilderness settings expanded, as did the scope of his goals. Due to the massive misalignments between modern life and the ancient rules of wilderness ethos, returning to modern life after each project became increasingly painful and difficult over the years, and recently ripened into a mission. 

While paddling 900 (soon to be 1900) miles solo on a standup paddleboard through the Northwest Passage in the Arctic, Karl realized his passion and ‘home’ was right there at the edge of the human experience, but his work was back in ‘society,’ passing along the lessons that wilderness has taught him, to anyone who will listen.

Krüger Creative’s goal is to focus attention on the natural world, OUR world, that 6 million years of human evolution has crafted into a birthright. Baked into our DNA is the ability to connect with nature, and all of time, in ways science has thus far failed to describe. It must be felt and seen to understand. Hearts need to be touched. Art and music can do that. Nothing alters people or inspires us like art, music and the written word. If connectivity with wilderness can heal one man, it can also heal humanity. It can inspire, teach, and give purpose. 

Contact Us

PO Box 485

Eastsound, WA 98245

Tel: 360-298-1023

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